App to unite teams and create cultural cohesion

By connecting, educating and propelling staff towards achieving key results

The brief

Partners In Leadership specialises in accountability training and consultancy. They came to us for digital content they could sell to their clients to enhance employee understanding of how individuals can help the company achieve its key results. The digital element would need to closely align and support Partners in Leadership’s face to face training programme.

Excited that the #culturechange #app we've been working on for a year launched this week. Working with Partners in Leadership has been inspiring and we're really proud of the final product.

Our solution

We knew we needed to sustain the energy and interactivity of Partners In Leadership’s face to face accountability workshops and ensure the audience keeps the learning principles front-of-mind. The solution also needed to unite teams and connect senior management to individuals.

We conceived and created a personalised mobile experience to make top business priorities transparent to everyone, communicate progress across teams and provide daily coaching. Propeller™ allows employees to view business priorities and track their personal progress against business goals. Interactive features enable users to communicate with each other, post problems, receive feedback and endorse colleagues for good work. Embedded learning activities keep accountability training principles front-of-mind.

The result

Partners in Leadership launched Propeller™ in March 2019. Our app allows disparate teams to communicate effectively and feel part of a shared goal. It is digitally transforming practical tools.