A 'story doing' approach using film

To launch a new product to core fans and new international audience

The brief

The brand approached us to create online films to launch a new kitchen product to a broad audience. We needed to re-connect with old fans (whose parents and grandparents proudly owned  a Kenwood food mixer) and excite a new design/tech savvy audience.

Recognising that cooking/baking is a shared passion between the brand and consumers, we wanted to find an engaging, credible human story that the new product could be part of.

Immersed in storyboarding #art #sharpies

Our solution

We developed a well-crafted narrative approach that would generate human interest and emotion, where the product would be integral to the storyline, yet credibly and sensitively shown. Three seemingly separate groups of people, from different generations, are united by the new kCook Multi Smart. We follow them as they prepare their dishes and come together in a memorable shared culinary experience.

Fast-paced, upbeat, without any dialogue, the hero reveal film generates excitement for the new product and stirs core brand fans. Whilst a second film focuses on features and benefits, still conveyed through the people stories and signposted by captions (translated) to work on social without sound.

We also created eleven ‘how to’ 30 second films that turn the instruction manual into a lively set of branded, warm messages, again perfect for social media.

The result

So far, our film content has helped Kenwood to launch the kCook Multi Smart in France, Italy and Australia. Watch the reveal film here.

Note: The product is not yet available in the UK.