Showcasing HSBC supporting UK Businesses

The brief

HSBC know that a business will go through many ups and downs on its journey to the top. No matter where it is in the process, HSBC are there to support businesses in the UK at every step of the way. Our brief was to showcase how HSBC are supporting business owners to achieve their ambitions.

We love seeing our films for @HSBC_UK on the YouTube homepage!


Our solution

Businesses taking off in new markets. Family businesses overcoming difficult times. Entrepreneurs trying to grow their businesses. Individuals going through the start-up process. We produced spotlight films focused on companies at different stages of their business journey. Telling the stories of the individuals behind each business from a first-hand perspective and showing how HSBC have empowered them to drive their businesses forward. Our films currently sit on YouTube and are being used to support HSBC’s ‘It’s never just business’ campaign.