Simplifying complex regulatory training.

A visually-rich interactive e-learning module to tackle collision regulations at sea.

The brief

Sea routes are getting busier year on year. CSMART, the training arm of Carnival UK, came to us for a solution to increase awareness of the International Regulations that Prevent Collisions at Sea. As well as engage a diverse multi-lingual workforce, the digital solution also needed to assess learner competence and identify knowledge gaps in advance of future training delivery.



2D and 3D animation crosses the boundaries of language and culture

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Our solution

Conventional learning methods – a manual or flash cards – are simply not cutting through, especially for an international audience.

Working closely with maritime training subject matter experts, we designed an interactive e-learn to simplify the complicated IRPCS rules. Interactive 360 degree views of a vessel showing light, shapes and sound configurations adds realism. Videos, graphics and storytelling make it relevant. Self-paced case studies of incidents aid knowledge retention and test performance.

The solution is SCORM 1.2 compliant and runs on the Carnival UK learning management system, with HTML5 support for external access.

The result

The content targets every type of learning – audio, visual, kinaesthetic – while allowing students to work at their own pace and self-check their knowledge before assessments. Achieving digital engagement that is commensurate with audience expectation. Positive feedback and accelerated knowledge transfer already in evidence.