A powerful synthetic learning environment to increase spatial awareness, aid familiarisation and enhance knowledge.

The brief

With 3D technology being used extensively within the UK Royal Navy, this dynamic medium for training delivery was recognized by ADSI as an essential tool for providing photo-realistic training solutions to the current generation of media-savvy students.

We were challenged to create a virtual solution to deliver spatial awareness training, with superior familiarisation with on-board compartments. It also needed to enhance user knowledge of technical aspects within the vessel by using interactive hotspot technology.

Incredible 3D modelling work from our ADL team.

Our solution

Developed from original engineering CAD, our detailed learning environment quickly familiarises the trainee with the layout and confines of the exterior, upper deck and wheelhouse.

Users navigate around the vessel using an Xbox controller or keyboard on a PC and click on hot spots to access embedded e-learning modules on specific equipment.

The result

A powerful synthetic learning environment that fully supports both blended classroom delivery and distance learning.

Shortens the training phase, even with limited access to the boat and equipment on-board.