08 March 2019

A next-generation digital tool for leaders and employee engagement

The Moment, a division of The Creative Engagement Group, has produced Propeller, for premier consulting and training organisation, Partners In Leadership – a staff engagement app to maximise team success by enabling employees to take ownership for achieving their organisation’s key results.

Propeller, which launched in March, is an employee engagement tool for companies to effect culture change in accountability. To get breakthrough results, individual employees must take ownership of objectives and the app is perfect for communicating progress across teams. This ensures top business priorities are transparent to everyone.

In collaboration with the Partners In Leadership new product development group headed by Futurist Craig Hickman, a series of digital offerings were discussed and concepted for the company.  Using The Moment’s unique collaboration model, key products were concepted and presented for current and future products.

Produced, branded and coded by The Moment, Propeller is a dynamic set of application tools that digitally transform Partners In Leadership’s practical tools. Propeller is a first-to-market digital employee engagement app that drives workforce engagement at three levels within any organisation – the C-suite, middle management and frontline – in order to improve business performance, both at an individual and a collective level.

The app’s user experience elegantly aggregates the tools and strategies from The Oz Principle and offers frictionless and encouraged learning to meet the diverse needs of employees. In the first of its kind, the principles are integrated within the application tools and are accessible digitally, crucially, at point of need as a mobile assistant, to unite teams, drive alignment and ensure everyone is engaged and involved in achieving key results. Accountability principles are now digital accessible through an omni-channel approach including smartphone, pad and computer channels.

Propeller from Partners In Leadership is available on the app store, as a subscription product.

Craig Hickman, Futurist and SVP of New Products at Partners In Leadership, said: The digitization on key concepts that drive organization and individual success are incorporated in Propeller.  This product helps leaders communicate, train, problem solve and give feedback which shows each individual their impact on the needed organization Key Results.

Andy Parkin, The Moment, Managing Partner, said: This collaborative project has been an exemplar for how a tried and tested business solution can be digitally transformed to meet the contemporary needs of large and disparate businesses.  Partners In Leadership have been inspiring to work with, and their vision and specialist knowledge, coupled with The Moment’s Digital Engagement expertise, have delivered what we believe will be a market leading solution for accountability cultural change.

By Andy Parkin,

Client Services Director & Head of Learning

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