We create and deliver unforgettable virtual reality solutions

Virtual reality is proving its worth when it comes to increasing knowledge retention and information recall. As well as helping consumers to imagine products, VR is changing the perception of corporate training. It removes barriers to engagement because the experience is innovative, interesting, enjoyable.

But be they customers, employees or future talent, we think you need more than a 3D space to achieve lasting behaviour change – your experience needs a story to elicit empathy, interactivity to challenge your audience and create long lasting memories.

Our capabilities:

  • Experience design (UX)
  • VR storyboarding & scripting
  • 3D modelling, design & CGI animation
  • 3D development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Build
  • Delivery

We also create Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.

HCP Interaction Lab

VR to train medical sales teams

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AFV Virtual Tour

Using VR to demonstrate equipment

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