Overlaying digital content onto the real world

Seeing inside complex machinery. Enhancing an exhibition booth with deep-dive information. Or filling a children’s playroom with a new world.

Mobile AR content can be both beautiful and purposeful. It’s rapidly become a commercially effective way to visualise products and information, upskill employees or entertain audiences. It is also portable and accessible.

For some clients, we build the experience to use physical markers that trigger AR content e.g. as part of a blended learning solution. For others, we create vibrant, markerless AR experiences to tell stories and transform spaces.

Our capabilities:

  • Experience design (UX)
  • AR storyboarding & scripting
  • 3D modelling, design & CGI animation
  • App development (Unity, Vuforia, ARCore, ARKit)
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Build
  • Delivery

We also create Virtual Reality (VR) experiences.

86% of business leaders plan to use emerging technologies (XR) to improve workforce productivity (Dell : Realising 2030 - The future of work)

AR Trade Show Experience

Standing out in the exhibition hall

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Maritime Facility AR Experience

Helping delegates to imagine the future

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