An interactive immersive training experience

To onboard presenters from the home of some of the UK's best-loved radio stations to the state-of-the art-studios

The brief

Radio presenters entertain their audience and ‘drive’ the desk by operating technical equipment and responding positively and quickly to problems. They are, however, unlikely to hang around after their broadcast for a training session.

Experimenting with filmed VR, allowing the audience to see what's going on inside the user's headset

#mixedreality #immersive

Our solution

A headset-based virtual reality experience that places the user in the presenter’s chair at Global’s flagship Leicester Square studio. We simulated the entire radio studio and all the equipment in 3DS Max from photos to create a ‘wow’ factor. We then constructed serious interactive learning challenges in Unity to give a sense of the real-world, live broadcast high stakes.

The result

Operator errors reduced by a third, since the new training was introduced.

Global’s project owner told us:

“When you’re sat with the VR headset on you do feel like you’re in the situation. We’ve tried it with our presenters and the re-creation of our radio studio is so spot-on you can see the jeopardy comes to them when something goes wrong. We have a simulated scenario of the lights going off in the studio and the power going down, and you can see the presenters saying “Oh what do I do now?” and it really instills the mindset they might be in if something were to break.”