Games-based learning

To engage a culturally diverse workforce outside of the classroom.

The brief

2015: the launch of the new flagship Britannia. P&O Cruises challenged us to come up with a new way to induct a culturally diverse global workforce onto the new ship – before she was built and available for training!

The e-learn we made for the Britannia crew has gone down a treat! #WelcometoBritannia

Welcome to Brittania

Our solution

Our interactive mobile-ready site presents a series of challenges that borrows techniques from mobile games. Each level begins with a character-led quirky animation to bring Britannia to life. A fun quiz after each level assesses customer service, safety and product knowledge. The global leaderboard encourages participation in a personal way.

The result

Digital first. Our multiplatform solution is delivering greater efficiencies during the new ship induction journey. Even though we had 1,350 employees to reach, 78% of them completing the training and 100% passed.

“The Moment demonstrated creative thinking, shared our vision and knew our business.” Carnival UK Training Manager

“Fun, exciting and precisely informative. A much better way of training which keeps you interested and enthusiastic.” P&O Cruises Employee