An educational campaign

To encourage children to look after their teeth

The brief

Annually, £35 million is spent by the NHS on admitting children to hospital for tooth extractions. Our challenge was to produce a video-led campaign to engage 4-7 year olds and deliver a simple message on brushing your teeth twice a day and going to the Dentist regularly, in an engaging way.

We are more excited than an excited thing! Today is the launch of our very special 'Open wide and step inside', where we take #OralHealth messages into #Plymouth Primary Schools. We couldn't do this without your support! #CommunityEngagement

Our solution

‘Geoffrey the Giant’ lives in Toothypeg Land, but never brushes his teeth or goes to the Dentist. With the help of friends including the faithful ‘Milly the Mouse,’ the ssssophisticated ‘Stephanie the Snake’ and the magical ‘Daisy the Dentist,’ Geoffrey learns the importance of looking after his teeth. A song was also created especially for the campaign by Plymouth Music Zone.

Borrowing entertainment techniques from children’s television, we created a fun animation with an interactive element to make sure children had taken in the information. Fact cards, workbooks, a book and stickers reinforce the message in the classroom and at home.

Children’s entertainment is increasingly varied and sophisticated so when creating content for a young audience with such an important message the team really had to lean on their heritage as multi-platform storytellers. Thankfully we had a very collaborative client in the Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise and Well Connected teams, who really pushed us to make ‘Open Wide and Step Inside’ as entertaining as possible.

The result

“It has been great to update the Open Wide and Step Inside project [funded by the Wrigley Community Foundation] with Jenna and the team from The Moment. The new animation shares the 6 key oral health messages in a very contemporary way which the children and teaching staff find very appealing.

I am particularly proud of the supporting material; teachers toolkit, children’s work book and classroom display, which really enhance the project and provides added value and importance to promoting and encouraging positive oral health in school settings.

The whole team were supportive, interested and enthused about the project from the outset and I believe that collectively we have created an unique product which will help us to sustain and further expand the programme. Working in partnership is key to our approach and it has been a pleasure to work with such a creative and professional team. Thank you!”

Wendy Smith MBE
Strategic Lead for Community Engagement
Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise