Connected experience

An app to control your heating on the go.

The brief

To help Drayton deliver an innovative new internet connected product to the UK domestic heating market, enabling customers to control their heating and hot water systems from their smartphones, tablets and Apple Watch.

@DraytonHeating new app miGenie has been released and now you can control your heating all from the comfort of your smart phone!

miGenie Drayton

Our solution

Drayton’s products are renowned for quality, reliability and technical excellence. Our creative challenge was to turn the nuances of the physical product into a digital user experience. Through a collaborative brand workshop, we articulated the product’s vision, values and personality which gave birth to the brand name; miGenie. Intuitive, modern and simple – these values formed the blueprint from every aspect of design, to development and build.

We took an agile approach to app development, with frequent client participation and acceptance. Within 6 months, Drayton were able to demonstrate an early version of the app at an pivotal trade show to gauge interest, while road testing the user experience. We can’t wait to see what Drayton customers think of the Apple Watch version.