Native video

To connect Microsoft to the Men’s Health audience.

The brief

Wearable tech is fantastic when it comes to fitness. Men’s Health wanted content which connects the new Microsoft band to their audience of competitive fitness fanatics.

Our solution

We created a series of 6 instructional videos to sit on The content needed to foster a competitive spirit by challenging viewers to try and beat a Men’s Heath cover model’s Microsoft band stats. Shot in an edgy warehouse, we went against the clinical nature of many exercise films. Aesthetically, the distressed brick and wooden floors appealed to Microsoft, placing their product in a more edgy setting. We showed how functional the band is, it can keep track of exercises, telling you when to rest and how many reps you have completed…like your very own personal trainer on your wrist. The emphasis was bringing the Men’s Health expertise to these films by capturing the various exercises clearly, using slow motion to draw attention to posture and form. On screen graphics pulled together both the Men’s Health and Microsoft branding, maintaining a stylish but sympathetic approach to both brands.