Using augmented reality to demonstrate the future

And help a global company launch its new maritime autonomy centre

The brief

Thales has made a £1 million investment in a new site at Turnchapel wharf, which will trial and develop autonomous vehicles on land, on sea and in the air. Vehicles including drones and unmanned submarines could play a huge part in defence and even mine clearance in the future, allowing vehicles to carry out the dangerous work currently done by service personnel. Over the next five years, they will use their Plymouth waterside location to test these new technologies and needed to show the government, military and potential partners what the facility might look like by 2023. Thales came to us for ideas on content for this major launch event.

Delighted to help @ThalesUK launch its #MaritimeAutonomy Centre and imagine the future with #AR

Our solution

A window into a future world – we created an augmented reality solution to allow high profile delegates to experience the site as it could be in 2023.

Delegates from government, the MoD, potential business partners and HE institutions, moved around the space interacting with simulated unmanned submarines and drones agasint the familiar coloured buildings of Turnchapel Wharf.

To complement the futuristic view, we created printed artworks charting the experience of apprentices as they graduate and start work at Thales.