Native video

Content which puts man against machine

The brief

The Men’s Health website gets a whopping 42 million page views every month. Making it BMW Mini’s natural partner to reach a wider audience. Our challenge was to design online video content that would sit naturally with the fitness content on the Men’s Health website and promote the MINI Cooper S 3-door Hatch. The twist: combine the qualities of MINI and the fitness ethos of Men’s Health.

Spent the day watching two of the guys from @MenHealthUK go against the new @MINI to see who's the best.

Men's Health Mini

Our solution

Man v Mini combines the finesse of the car with the Men’s Health fitness ethos. Strength, power, speed. Man and mini team up to compete against another man and car duo. Presented with lots of slow motion and an epic soundtrack, we take the audience through three different challenges, each showing off a particular skill or discipline.