Interactive digital storytelling and gamification

To raise awareness of safety in ports, particularly around HGVs

The brief

Port safety information is often presented in a very dry way, and people will often be told the same message multiple times. Associated British Ports (ABP) wanted an engaging digital learning experience to reinforce face to face training and provide a different perspective on safety.


Interesting #discovery phase workshops last week with @abports21 gathering requirements for #safety #training #immersivelearning

Our solution

To encourage all workers to take accountability safety, we set out to tell a story that could only be told digitally. Inspired by contemporary games design, our interactive experience takes the user through a number of observational challenges. The 3D port environment rings true with workers and constructs credible training scenarios that resonate with the target audience.

We used WebGL to render the interactive 3D port environment in any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins to engage a wide, online audience. The immersive nature of the experience allows us to build a story and create a HGV accident (even though the user took all the correct steps), and then look back to understand why it happened.

There is no classroom – the storyline version allows us to deliver the content to an audience working on limited hardware. Demonstrating the flexibility and scalability of our approach, re-purposing the 3D assets and interactive challenges for different audiences, at different stages of the learner journey.