A virtual reality (VR) training experience

To help medical sales teams to feel what it’s like for a doctor to interact with a patient

The brief

Medical sales trainees need to understand what happens between doctor and patient during a consultation. As well as product knowledge, it’s about the patient’s physical and psychological well-being and making decisions based on the information gathered.

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Our solution

A Virtual Reality experience which takes the user inside the consulting room. Working with our sister agency, Axiom, we simulated a Doctor’s surgery so that they can explore patient stories, memories and even feel what it’s like to examine the patient. To further immerse the user in the scene, we used haptic technology so that they feel vibrations through their controller as the examination takes place. We incorporated intuitive UX design to allow for the fact that not everyone is familiar with the VR controls.

The result

Our HCP Interaction Lab is achieving a step change in training delivery.  The appetite for a new approach and engagement within the user community is increasing. Teams adopting the solution report that average user attainment rates are 90%+.