A daily fun social content series from the Rio Olympics

Activating DFS sponsorship of Team GB

The brief

How do you celebrate our Olympic heroes and challenge customer perception of a traditional British brand?

DFS wanted to increase customer engagement through sponsorship and their partnership with Team GB was the first step. Our challenge was to develop a content campaign to activate this sponsorship during the Olympics.

Our @DFS! #GreatBrits #GameOn #content series voted 'standout #campaign' in @TheDrum today by @scurfa

Our solution

DFS ‘Game On’ was a daily online entertainment series which tapped into the intrinsically competitive nature of elite sports stars. Filmed live at Team GB House in Rio, this highly watchable format invited Team GB stars take part in daily challenges under the watchful eye of much loved presenters Reggie Yates and comedian Justin Moorhouse.

Part gameshow, part talkshow and always entertaining, the format cut through the white noise of Olympic content with an approach that celebrated the personality of Team GB like no other branded content series in 2016.

And ‘#FlipIt’, our take on the classic coaster flipping game, captured the athletes’ imagination as they shared their personal bests and performances on their social channels.

The result

Filmed during the day and edited late into the night in Brazil, the series featured every day on DFS’s owned channels. Content was shared by Team GB, and on Evening Standard’s Twitter channels as part of a wider media partnership deal.

Audience engagement metrics and a qualitative brand survey reveal that the series delivered significantly in excess of set KPIs for awareness, appreciation, action and advocacy.

“This was such a pivotal step into the content world for DFS and to do it with Team GB and The Moment was so exciting. Results have exceeded everyone’s expectations and most importantly feedback from fans has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s amazing to think we were able to help bottle the excitement of what turned out to be a historical games for Britain!”
Jessica Fletcher, Head of Content Marketing & Social Media