Educating farming communities

A suite of films highlighting the benefits of training and partnerships

The brief

Pests and disease on crops continue to ravage rural livelihoods. CropLife need to demonstrate how the plant science industry contributes to the eradication of hunger and poverty for small-scale farmers through good agricultural practice and access to crop protection products.

“The shoot was hard work but a humbling experience. The local communities couldn’t have been more welcoming despite probably having never seen a film crew before.” Kathryn Birkett, The Moment, Senior Producer

Our solution

A suite of flexible video content highlighting the positive outcomes of training and partnerships for a globally diverse audience. We’ve now filmed in Vietnam, India, Ghana and Honduras producing 30 separate pieces of content: from emotive mini documentaries to short practical farmer testimonials.

The result

“We ventured deep into the countryside where the conditions were hot and humid, the roads were dusty and bumpy, the electricity came and went and running water was a very rare luxury. It is in such testing conditions that you can measure the quality of a team and I have to say The Moment were professional, patient, good humoured (essential) and catered for every eventuality. Because the team was not fazed by the conditions we were able to focus on taking the best footage possible. Meanwhile the team’s respect and understanding for the local people – their language and culture – put our interviewees at ease and allowed for a very real and natural set of films to be made.”  Will Surman, Communications Manager, Croplife International