A pioneering scheme to help Honduran teenagers escape gang culture.

Our online documentary series is awakening the UK to Kenco’s commitment to doing good.

The brief

Life expectancy in Honduras, South America, is just 19. A result of gang culture. Sustainability has become the norm within the coffee industry and consumers are becoming increasingly sceptical of ethical messages from big brands.

Kenco, in a category redefining campaign by JWT London are throwing teenagers a lifeline. Coffee vs Gangs.

Our challenge? To create compelling and sincere content to show how Kenco are making a real difference to peoples’ lives in Honduras.

Good to have the team safely back from Honduras and great to see the @KencoCup scheme progressing!#CoffeevsGangs

Coffee Vs Gangs

Our solution

We are telling the stories of the teenagers’ involved in the project through a series of online documentary shorts. Filming the emotive back stories and the project as it progresses is one of the most high risk filming projects we’ve ever done. It’s an absolute privilege to be part of the 12 month project, seeing the lives of the teenagers transform with Kenco’s help.

Watch Juan’s story on YouTube here.

The result

Over 1 million views in the first 2 weeks on YouTube. We exceeded the client’s audience engagement expectations by 500%. Proof that our high quality storytelling is connecting the audience to the characters in a personal way and changing consumer perception of Kenco.

Emad, Kenco’s brand lead, said our ‘professionalism, vision and ability to create best in class content is unmatched’.