An AR (augmented reality) training experience

To help train users on vital equipment without an instructor

The brief

Our client requested an immersive learning experience to highlight the importance of an environmental system on cruise ships. The Alfa Laval Oil Water Separator (OWS) is a key piece of equipment on board, so proper usage and maintenance of this equipment is critical

CSMART needed a training experience which could be used by both engineers during training and stakeholders visiting their headquarters.

86% of business leaders plan to use emerging technologies (XR) to improve workforce productivity (Dell : Realising 2030 - The future of work)

Our solution

An augmented reality (AR) experience that allows all trainees to better understand the purpose of the equipment by seeing what’s happening inside of the system. Users can hold their device against physical markers on the equipment, which trigger overlays revealing an internal view of the machinery.

Wrapped in a wider mobile app, 3D animations show how the system interacts with other systems on board ship, and an interactive ‘challenge’ mode tests the user’s understanding.

The result

The training meets environmental legislative direction and is endorsed the US Court appointed monitor.