After a long journey to the ship, the crew is often tired and disengaged on their first day, but they still need to learn.

The brief

The majority of the Cunard workforce hail from India and the Philippines. English isn’t their first language. This presents challenges when it comes to training, especially when you also need to combat the learner fatigue that creeps in during an intense induction journey in a new country.

It's so easy to film with this lovely crew! Great job everyone @Cunard

Our solution

A multidiscipline team focused on the employee journey and the business goals. Working closely with the Cunard training delivery team, our learning specialist, instructional designer and video producer came up with the pyramid approach. Layers of media rich content and interactive e-learning to support face to face and remote learning.

To wake everyone up – a high energy film about working with Cunard to motivate and remind the employees about why they are there.

We specifically identified the first day as an anxiety point for learners. The second tier is a longer, tactical film describing, in detail, what their first day would be like.

The information delivered by the training instructors in the classroom was reinforced through an assessment based e-learning solution to teach crew the day to day knowledge they needed surrounding health and safety.