Engaging teachers, parents and students

With original and daring TV and video content

The brief

Create TV and online resources to support teachers and engage their students in key subjects.

We got a sneak peek into Olympic snowboarder, Aimee Fuller’s training regime @bbc @bbcgetinspired #snowboarding


Our solution

We wrapped a totally unique and surprising creative concept around the core curriculum content of each subject.

‘The Blurb’ engages GCSE English students on literary texts by featuring YouTube stars. Each novel was approached using a visual-style inspired by directors like Michel Gondry and Wes Anderson, blending handcrafted props, and hand-cranked scenery with fluid camera motion, in-camera effects, and carefully choreographed performances, all within a theatre stage setting.

We filmed 6 of the UK’s best sporting talents for our sporting mini documentary TV series, ‘Play by Play’ to inspire kids to get active outside of the classroom. An Olympic snowboarder, a surfer, scooter, BMXer, rock climber and a skateboarder. All telling their stories of their chase to reach the very top. With exclusive insights into their intense and enduring training regimes, we captured each of them in action, taking on a challenge that pushes them to the limit and included graphic overlays to show their muscular endurance.

With fun, relevance and curiosity representing key motivators for learning in young children, we created ‘Titch and Ted’, a groundbreaking live action, comedy driven approach to bring KS1 Maths to life. Over 3 x 30’ episodes we meet Titch… a super smart, sparky seven year old who’d be a high achiever if it wasn’t for the gravitational pull of her doofus uncle Ted. Thrown together by the shared dream of buying a robotic dog (yes, a solid gold, talking, walking, flying robotic dog), they are on the hunt for gainful employment. As they blunder and bluster their way through jobs in restaurants, at the beach and as handymen, they learn all about measurements, geometry and fractions.

Through a boldly outrageous premise and cutting edge production techniques, ‘Les Agent’s Secrets,’ comprises of a series of live action comedy shorts that takes the very ordinary, mundane and somewhat overly functional curriculum conversations of GCSE French and places them in an extraordinary setting. Resulting in a 1970s spy thriller pastiche complete with chases atop trains, an evil villain with an under-the-sea lair, and expendable henchman.

The result

Our clients loved our content that wowed and compelled audiences, either through amazing talent, cutting edge production techniques or just a bold outrageous premise.

“Really nice balance between learning points and humour. Quite a tough job with wordy literary analysis! Script works really well and the cast are great”
Victoria Barlow, BBC Bitesize

“Truly magnificent videos, we’re proud to call them Bitesize”
Muriel Amaechi, BBC Bitesize