Versatile. Sophisticated. Enduring.

An online short to excite core TT fans.

The brief

Audi UK wanted us to create an exhilarating 2’ viral to excite core fans, accurately show the versatility, sophistication and endurance of the new Audi TT and help launch the new model on their website and social media platforms.

Our solution

Our solution pushed us to new limits – in three stunning locations we showed the distinctive characteristics of the TT in one seamless unbroken shot. We used hi-tech filming and editing techniques and a team of nine specialists to immerse fans in the TT’s impressive performance on Rockingham Race Track, its quattro grip and control on the 7 mile long Cefn Sidan beach and its beautiful curves and lines at Longcross Film Studios.

Versatile. Sophisticated. Enduring.

The result

Our film changed the game for Audi UK. 121,000 views in the first 2 months. Shown in every centre across the UK. With an average of 94% of people watching the film to the end. No wonder Audi UK’s Digital Content Manager, Karen Boulton, said it’s “one of our most successful unseeded videos ever…”