Immersive VR Experience

To demonstrate the vehicle to a global defence audience

The brief

When you want to take an Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) to a series of international defence exhibitions and roadshows, you can either…export the AFV which is tricky but not impossible. Or you can ask The Moment to build a virtual reality vehicle that is easy to transport, easy to replicate for multiple simultaneous demonstrations and immerses the audience in the Tank and the advanced features.

AR vs VR? The choice is real. Our Head of Multiplatform, Spencer Conway, chooses his side...

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Our solution

Design and build an Oculus Rift experience to give the military personnel road-testing the AFV a real sense of presence.  Having made 3D environments from photocopies and photos before, we were pleased to learn the client had CAD.  Using these we were able to create an accurate 3D representation of the vehicle.  

To make the user experience as realistic as possible, we created a total of 6 views which included crew stations – Gunner, Commander and Driver and then outside views of the top, side and front of the Tank.  The addition of realistic lighting, materials and textures really helped in bringing the AFV to life.

The result

The advanced features and engineering quality of our virtual AFV were given centre stage and delegates were given the chance to explore, interact and learn more about the vehicle.  The General Dynamic Marketing team were able to talk about the AFV in a way that has never been possible before.  The team now have a vehicle they can take wherever they like, whenever they like.  They also have a future-focused asset that can be built on to create training content for today’s learners.