Astute 3D Walkthrough

Training submariners without a submarine

The brief

Royal Naval submariners must complete familiarisation training before joining a submarine. Historically, trainees were escorted around the boat, but it’s getting harder for training teams to get access to boats due to operational commitments and maintenance requirements.

So how do you create safe trainees without a physical submarine?


We welcome Sir Jonathon Band GCB as Advisory Board Chair for our Advanced Digital Learning division.

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Our solution

A synthetic 3D interactive experience that guides the user from the jetty through all internal compartments of the submarine.

Using an Xbox controller to navigate, the audience gains an essential appreciation of the layout and equipment before stepping on board. As well as watching embedded bite-size video and animation, they complete realistic interactive scenarios that are assessed by the tool, e.g. emergency situations and rounds routes.

The result

Our realistic, detailed and highly accessible training is reducing On The Job Training (OJT) by a massive 50%.