03 June 2020

The Creative Engagement Group acquires Belfast-based company Logicearth Learning Services, adding to its collection of leading engagement brands

Logicearth Learning Services supports blue-chip companies to drive business performance from within through leading digital learning solutions. For over 10 years Logicearth has assisted global talent developers in delivering unforgettable experiences that support employee growth and operational efficiency in a measurable way. Recently positioned as a digital learning ‘challenger’ in the respected Fosway Group 9-Grid™ market analysis model, Logicearth will continue to provide its unique blend of learning technologies, creative services, and extensive experience to clients as part of the TCEG communications group.

The Creative Engagement Group works with an extensive range of leading companies worldwide across several industries, with particularly strong expertise in healthcare. Logicearth will join the TCEG group of brands which also include WRG (event marketing); The Moment (digital and film); Axiom (scientific engagement and training); Just Communicate (biopharma event marketing) and Forty1 (employee engagement consulting).

“We see the world-class learning capabilities of Logicearth blending brilliantly with our other services to provide clients with a future-focussed approach to some of their biggest challenges,” said Russ Lidstone, Group CEO of The Creative Engagement Group, who points out that the e-learning market is set to surpass $300bn by 2025, according to market research company Global Market Insights. “Learning is evolving and remains key for organisational effectiveness, engagement and compliance. With globalisation, the war for talent and extraneous factors like the current health crisis, in order to stay competitive organisations have to help employees through continuous blended learning, using the latest technologies.”

Established in 2009, Logicearth is led by its founders Peter Carlin and Paul McKay – both of whom will continue to lead with the business and join TCEG’s Leadership team, reporting to Lidstone. The Logicearth staff of 25 learning designers, project managers and technologists based in both Belfast and Dublin will continue to focus on providing enhanced learning solutions for existing and TCEG clients, as well as continuing business development both in the UK and US.

Peter Carlin, Director of Logicearth Learning Services, spoke of the opportunities the partnership will bring: “Russ and The Creative Engagement Group team have built a remarkably diverse and future-focussed agency group and we’re excited to be part of it. At Logicearth our mission has always been to provide our clients with the most agile and innovative range of learning solutions possible, rather than one constrictive service. Now as part of TCEG, we can combine our digital  strengths to offer a truly incredible portfolio of services – which of course is very exciting for us – but it also gives our collective clients the reassurance that they are getting the best service, insight, and value possible.”

TCEG is a fast-growing agency group and this acquisition adds a new level of growth to the group. Logicearth will work closely with Axiom and Forty1 to provide a full suite of employee engagement and training options for clients.

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