03 June 2020

Our in-house health and safety team puts us in a privileged position

We are fortunate, in such difficult times, that we have a dedicated, in-house health and safety team. We have enjoyed this offering – highly unusual in the world of production – for close to two years, since The Moment became part of The Creative Engagement Group.

Up until now, this H&S team has been working somewhat in the background, but their existence is suddenly of interest to many clients, desperate to start filming, but safely, and in a way that poses no risk.

Film production and health and safety are not two industries that have always been naturally associated with one another, with the exception perhaps, of the filming of dare devil stunts.

Yet, suddenly, Coronavirus has brought health and safety very much into the spotlight, for businesses across industries, and of all shapes and sizes.

Originally, our dedicated health and safety team was borne from the know-how of our parent company, The Creative Engagement Group, and its wide experience of live events. Today, this in-house offering is a fantastic calling card.

The back-story to our focus on health and safety is also, in part, due to our heritage and our client base. We have years of experience of operating in high-risk environments, whether science labs, manufacturing plants, agri-tech settings or high-security corporate environments, such as banking and other financial services.

Health and safety is no tick-box exercise: An in-house team means that, for us, it’s all about relationships.

And it’s also thanks to The Creative Engagement Group’s unique structure – with the business spanning digital, employee engagement, live events and learning, as well as production – that we boast skills sets – including those within the world of health and safety – which are genuinely out of the ordinary. Due to our unusual company make-up, spanning a multitude of business areas, and allowing us access to many aspects of client businesses, we face the current situation with a unique perspective.

We are also in receipt of Shell Group “green banding” – the highest accolade given to its suppliers, based on health and safety assessments. This is extremely rare in the world of film production.

The Moment’s team spans over thirty people – large enough to boast a variety of skills, from scriptwriting and editing through to motion graphics, animation, audio recording and traditional production – but small enough to know when an individual may need to shield for a vulnerable family member, and to offer a close-knit family feel. We do the vast majority of our production work in-house and we own our own kit, too, so we know it has been sanitised and that it will be again, before it is locked away.

Our mixture of agility and flexibility, with a health and safety operation at the very heart, means we can turn our hands to any production requirement in pretty much any setting, at this time as any other. We have experienced professionals who know how to deal with a crisis, whether a virus or an act of terrorism.

We have teams up and running in the US on various projects right now. There is pent up demand and a lack of interaction with brands currently, despite the fact that audiences are consuming more content than ever before. Audiences want to see more than Amazon, Zoom or the occasional Tesco or Ocado van.

And, with the right processes are in place, we even find that restrictions can in fact get the creative juices flowing more freely.

So, with scripts being adapted, in the race to get the cameras rolling again, and in an environment of unusual limitations and high tension, we are proud to boast a watertight plan for safe, secure and creative production. There is no reason why film and TV production cannot restart with The Moment.

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