Social, online, television, internal communications or training

There are so many more genres and formats to choose from. It depends on your brand challenge, your audience, how you want them to feel and what you want them to do.

Share your requirements with us and we’ll create content that connects with your audience. Importantly at The Moment, the people that create are the people that make. So the end result remains true to your original vision and delivers on the business goals.


  • Creative direction
  • Global production capability
  • A full range of genre and formats
  • Multiplatform delivery and distribution

Open Wide Step Inside

Dental Health Campaign
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Great Brits Game On

Social campaign from Rio
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Our #film team had an amazing time at @wembleystadium earlier this week, watching the England friendly, and seeing our #video for @FootballAssoc playing on the entrance screens!

The Horse’s Mouth

Social video campaign

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Coffee Vs Gangs

Coffee vs. Gangs

Online video series

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It's been a brilliant day filming with @annegeddestweet and the amazing mums #VsMeningitis raising awareness with @gsk

Custom Made Festivals

Influencer marketing films
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Horizons Entertainment Platform

Engaging a C-Suite audience
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Chasing Perfection

Co-funded educational TV series
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The Audi Challenge

Social campaign
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Advertising campaign
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It’s Never Just Business

YouTube take-over
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Native video advertising
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Designated Drivers

Sponsorship activation
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Online product promotion
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