19 October 2015

We gather industry experts together and discuss the biggest marketing ideas. In a pub.

Episode 2 – The content conundrum
Debbie Morrison, Jack Brough and Sandra Peat

The second episode in our Small Beers, Big Ideas content series sees us in the heart of London’s glittering west end, in the Salisbury Pub, for an interview with Debbie Morrison, Director of Consultancy and Best Practice at ISBA.

We focus on a topic that is dominating the marketing press right now. What’s the most effective working model for Brands in the new age of marketing and communications?  Who’s getting it right and wrong? How are different brands and agencies taking on this challenge?

In the extended version of this episode, Rhodri Evans, Brand Marketing Manager from Levi Strauss & Co, provides the client perspective. Listen here or download via iTunes.

Episode 1 – The traditional marketing model is broken, how do we fix it?
Scott Wilkinson, Matthew Robinson, Jack Brough and Sandra Peat

To kick off the series, we took a trip down to The Enterprise in Holborn, to test out the local beer and debate the topic that is currently dominating the marketing press.

Hear the extended podcast, with Emily Hare and Paul Kemp-Robertson from Contagious here or download via iTunes.

Fancy being a guest panelist? Send us the topic you’d like to talk about – getinvolved@wearethemoment.com. We’ll come to you and we’ll buy the beer.

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