22 August 2018

The Moment contemplates the nature of the truth in their ‘Wake up! Foucault’s warning to us all’ film for BBC Ideas

The Moment partnered with Angie Hobbs, Professor of Public Understanding, and The Open University to examine the modern climate of contradictory information from the perspective of one of the great minds of the 20th Century. The Michel Foucault-driven film just launched on the BBC Ideas online platform of compact, thought-provoking content as part of a BBC series.

Just under 5 minutes in length, the film uses simple animation in tandem with Angie Hobbs’ voiceover to prompt the audience to contemplate how Foucault’s theories on language are just as relevant today as they were during their construction. In the age of social media, ‘fake news’, and opinion as self-proclaimed truth, language can do more than just influence; language holds the power to control.

The monochrome style of the animation serves to accentuate the vibrant key messages throughout the film. As for the animation itself, the visuals are based upon evolving lines which create constantly shifting stylish images.

It is part of the BBC Ideas platform, a project which sees the corporation experiment with formats and styles, with the aim of learning from audience responses. The brief for content is to create short videos that teach the viewer something, or bring them a new perspective on an existing idea, person or subject.

Alice Kilpatrick, Account Director & Co Head of Production at The Moment, stated: “We loved collaborating again with BBC Ideas alongside Professor Angie Hobbs and the Open University on such a creatively challenging and thought-provoking film. It was produced entirely in-house by our talented team.”

Watch the film on BBC Ideas here: https://www.bbc.com/ideas/videos/wake-up-foucaults-warning-on-fake-news/p06gzcn4 

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